About Us

Gloria TateSeveral years ago I had a dream. In the dream I saw a woman in a business suit with strands of jewelry falling from behind each lapel. The dream stuck with me and I continued to think about how to create the look. After a year, I had the concept worked out in my mind and went to a patent attorney. The actual patent process was surprisingly easy and more quickly accomplished than I would have thought.

That was the easy part. Having no business experience and no experience or preparation in making jewelry, it took a while to get started but here we are, my daughter and I, in production. Our web site shows not only Necklissi's™ that are available now, but in our gallery we have many of our favorite Necklissi's™ that have sold.

In my other life I was a classroom teacher. During my career I taught grades from 2nd to 8th. In 1996 I retired after 27 years of teaching to pursue the patent and production of Necklissi™.

My other love is photography. I have spent many months in Britain photographing an amazing array of subjects. I continue to make photo cards using these pictures and many that I have taken throughout the state of Colorado. In addition to craft shows I've sold my cards at such places as The Tattered Cover, Hudson Gardens and The House of Windsor.

I also enjoy reading, searching out antiques, going to movies, warm fires, rainy days, visiting with friends and family and playing with my cat, Bebe.