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A Necklissi™ is patented Necklissi™ jewelry that decorates your neckline with a stunning Necklissi™ accessory. We have always had pins, necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets but now there is a concept so original it has been patented. Check it out and take a fresh look at your wardrobe. You'll be amazed at the way they look and you will get plenty of compliments on your style. Your Necklissi™ pins to the back of a jacket, blouse, dress or other clothing and hangs down the front on either side of the garment. It's the most unique way to dress up a suit or a casual outfit. The impression on your approach is one of length, fluidity, and motion. Your departure includes the view of an artful pin at the nape of your neck. It may also include a repeat of the vision of length; a dangle or two adorning the pin on your back.

Except for those on the Available to Order Now page, all of the Necklissi's™ shown on our site are one of a kind creations made here in Englewood, Colorado. Please enjoy selecting from the exciting designs shown here on our site, or feel free to contact us for custom orders and home shows.

Manufacturers and designers interested in licensing the concept contact Gloria Tate at or 303-886-9225.

We look forward to dressing up your wardrobe.

Gloria Tate